MistyMax 10

AirLife brand Misty Max 10 Nebulizer Cat. No. 002433

Misty Max 10 Nebulizer by Care Fusion AirLife Brand Cat. No. 002433 Adult aerosol mask and 2.1 m tubing The Misty Max 10 Nebulizer is an advanced jet design for fast treatment times as well as provide fine particles with a tighter distribution (higher percentage of respirable particles) than conventional nebulizers. The AirLife brand Misty Max 10 Nebulizer is a...Read More

The Belmont 3-Spike Disposable Set 903-00006P

The Belmont 3 Spike Disposable Set 903-00006P

The Belmont 3 Spike Disposable Set Part # 903-00006P for The Belmont® Rapid Infuser FMS2000 BuyNow The Belmont 3 Spike Disposable Set 903-00006P   *** FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING *** Quantity Purchase 1 $75.00 USD Purchase 2 $140.00 USD Purchase 3 $200.00 USD   [WRG id=257] Items Included with the purchase are as follows: One (1) 903-00006 - The Belmont 3 Spike Disposable...Read More

PTLOX System


PTLOX PORTABLE LIQUID OXYGEN SYSTEM by ESSEX The ESSEX PTLOX PORTABLE LIQUID OXYGEN SYSTEM is a low pressure portable 10 liter liquid oxygen storage and gaseous delivery system also known as ESSEX CRYOGENICS CRU-87/U OXYGEN CONVERTER. About the PTLOX (FDA Life Support device 510(k) number K880183): Indicator Power runs on two (2) 9-Volt Alkaline Batteries Three (3) Schrader Quick Disconnect Ports...Read More

enFlow Fluid Warmer

enFlow IV Fluid and Blood Warming System

Vital Signs, Inc. enFlow® IV Fluid and Blood Warming System Great for Perioperative, Anesthesia, Labor & Delivery, Emergency Care, EMT/EMS, Intensive Care and Blood Transfusions. The enFlow IV Fluid and Blood Warming System enables warmed infusate delivery at the right time across all clinical areas, right away in less than 18 seconds. Its low priming volume reduces the time needed...Read More

Shoe Covers 5852

Shoe Covers 5852 Convertors Premium Shoe Covers

Heavy-duty SMS Shoe Covers 5852 Convertors Premium Shoe Covers Skid-Resistant, Universal Size, 100% Latex Free, 100/box and 4 boxes/case DuPont | Cardinal Health [caption id="attachment_613" align="alignleft" width="500"] Heavy-Duty SMS Shoe Covers[/caption] Shoe Covers 5852 Convertors Premium Shoe Covers are Extra Strong. These Heavy-Duty SMS Shoe Covers provide increased strength for use in low to moderate fluid settings. Using the photo on...Read More

Belmont Rapid Infuser


BELMONT RAPID INFUSER - BELMONT FMS2000 Fluid Management System The BELMONT RAPID INFUSER or Belmont FMS2000 also known as the Belmont Fluid Management System infuses blood, replacement IV fluids or irrigation fluids warmed to physiologic temperature at userset rates from 10 to 750 milliliters per minute (ml/min). Low infusion rates of 2.5 and 5.0ml/min (150 and 300ml/hr) are also available...Read More

Iteleti ReMed

Edwards Lifesciences Vigileo Monitor

Edwards Lifesciences Vigileo Monitor Multi Parameter Noninvasive Continuous Hemodynamic Monitoring Includes: Vigileo Monitor VL001221 Rolling Stand Height Adjustable w/Pole Mount and Basket (REF: MHAPLMNT), FloTrac™ APC09 Cable Hospital Grade Power Cord SOLD OUT! [WRG id=247]Edwards Lifesciences Vigileo Monitor for Advanced Hemodynamic Monitor P/N: 692759-027 This is a single monitor solution for fluid optimization and tissue oxygenation. The Vigileo monitor allows...Read More

Sorensen 2590 Mobile Aspirator


SORENSEN 2590 MOBILE ASPIRATOR by IMPACT INSTRUMENTATION INC *** FREE SHIPPING ***  The Sorensen 2590 Mobile Aspirator (Noise-Free) Thermal Intermittent Surgical Suction Machine features a disposable, hydrophobic / bacteriostatic filter designed to protect both the pump and the ambient environment from aqueous or airborne bacterial contamination; as seen here. The Model 2590 by Sorensen also known as Sorensen 2590 is a...Read More

Gomco 6053

Gomco Thoracic Drainage Aspirator

Gomco Thoracic Drainage Aspirator Model 6053 [WRG id=266] Gomco Suction Equipment - Speciality Aspirator - Mobile Thoracic Drainage Aspirator Provides regulation of suction drainage from 0 to 50 cm of water for rapid removal of fluids and gas from the pleural cavity. This pump offers high flow rates and a dual 2800 ml glass collection bottle system with two calibrated water...Read More


WELCH ALLYN PROPAQ ENCORE MONITOR 202 EL PROPAQ ENCORE 202 EL (MPN: 007-0060-02) and ROLLING STAND  Which comes with the ROLL STAND KIT for WELCH ALLYN PROPAQ by GCX Instrument Mounting Systems (MPN: DU-PR-0013-04) already mounted and installed. FREE SHIPPING Item Removed from Working Environment. Great Condition Includes all options as found in photo. (See both side views for Options on unit)...Read More