Edwards Lifesciences Vigileo Monitor

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Edwards Lifesciences Vigileo Monitor

Multi Parameter Noninvasive Continuous Hemodynamic Monitoring


  • Vigileo Monitor VL001221
  • Rolling Stand Height Adjustable w/Pole Mount and Basket (REF: MHAPLMNT),
  • FloTrac™ APC09 Cable
  • Hospital Grade Power Cord


Edwards Lifesciences Vigileo Monitor S/N VL001221

Edwards Lifesciences Vigileo Monitor for Advanced Hemodynamic Monitor P/N: 692759-027

This is a single monitor solution for fluid optimization and tissue oxygenation. The Vigileo monitor allows for the continuous monitoring of essential hemodynamic information, providing rapid insight on a minimally invasive, easy-to-use platform.

Requires No Manual Calibration – Automatically Calculates Key Parameters

The Vigileo monitor may be used with the FloTrac sensor and PreSep and PediaSat oximetry catheters providing a single monitoring solution for advanced hemodynamic management.

  • The Vigileo monitor measures and displays key flow parameters such as CCO, SVV / SV, SVR when used with the FloTrac Sensor.
  • The Vigileo monitor measures and displays continuous ScvO2, which is Central Venous Oxygen Saturation when used with the PreSep and PediaSat Oximetry Catheters

Edwards Lifesciences Vigileo™ Monitor

(SN: VL001221, REF: MHM1, P/N: 692759-027)

The Scheduled Maintenance was completed last April.
Device powers on, receives correct voltage and display frequency.
No Testing has been performed.
Recommended Scheduled Maintenance (See Photo) as stated on label attached to unit, is advised to be done in April 2015.
Items Included:

  • Vigileo Monitor (SN: VL001221)
  • Rolling Stand (Height Adjustable) w/Pole Mount and Basket (REF: MHAPLMNT)(Pole not included)
  • FloTrac™ APC09 Cable
  • Hospital Grade Power Cord

Advanced Hemodynamic Monitoring

From Edwards Lifesciences, the creator of the gold standard Swan-Ganz pulmonary artery catheter.

FOR USE with Vigileo Monitor:

List of Optional Accessories (available at Edwards Lifesciences)

FloTrac™ Sensor

–      Optimized and Validated as Integrated Systems when used with Vigileo Monitor to continuously measure and display key flow parameters. This integrated sensor monitor systems approach, results to protect the accuracy of the clinical information and corresponding quality of patient care.

PreSep Oximetry Catheter

–      Continuously monitors central venous oxygen saturation (ScvO2) and is an integral part of the Early Goal-Directed Therapy (EGDT) protocol for the treatment of sepsis. When used with the Vigileo Monitor and FloTrac sensor, you’ll find a clear path to choosing an intervention.

TruWave transducer and VAMP Closed Blood Sampling System

–      When used with the Vigileo Monitor and FloTrac Sensor, provides an integrated hemodynamic monitoring system and is the solution trusted by more clinicians worldwide.