The Back Side of the Pelco CM6800-32x6


PELCO CM6800The Pelco CM6800 Matrix Switcher/Controller is a cross-point video matrix switcher. For Sale is a Model CM6800-32X6 Matrix switcher/controller with 32 video inputs and 6 monitor outputs, NTSC configured 120 or 230 V, 50 or 60 Hz, including autoranging.

Pelco’s CM6800-32X6 provides switching and control for 32 video inputs and six monitor outputs from any one of up to 10 keyboards, PC, and other devices. All 32 video inputs can be used to control other devices, such as multiplexers, and allow for looping to other devices.




Pelco Matrix Switcher CM6800 The Pelco CM6800 features easy programming through on screen menus or the Windows® based CM6800-MGR software package. All programming is password protected. Programming menus are provided in English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.


Up to eight keyboards from the KBD100, 200A, or 300A Series and two keyboards from the KBD960 or KBR960 Series can be connected to the CM6800-32X6. Camera positioning can be programmed and controlled from the KBD200A, 300A and KBD960 or KBR960 Series keyboards.

SPECIFICATIONSSequences, Macros, Presets, Patterns, and Zones

The Pelco CM6800 features such programmed operations like Sequences, Scratchpad Sequence and Macros.

Back View of Pelco CM6800

Sequences. The CM6800 supports 16 programmable sequences. A sequence allows operators to see a routine of 72 camera views on any system monitor over and over again. The sequence can be operated automatically or manually.

Scratchpad Sequence. A scratchpad sequence allows an operator to run a sequence from an individual monitor without entering the password protected programming menus.

Macros. The Pelco CM6800 supports 32 system macros. A macro is a sequence of commands or steps. When a macro is run, the steps programmed into that macro are performed. Macros can be operated automatically or manually. Automatic operation can be based on specific times or dates. Macros can also be triggered by alarms.

Pelco CM6800 For Sale

We acquired this Model from a recent U.S. Government Property Deinstallation. No Other Accessories are included. The Pelco System 6800 Matrix Switcher/Controller, Model CM6800-32X6 is in Great Condition and Working Order.

It Comes with a Manual, Power Cord and we are including the Controller Software(Copy) which is compatible with Microsoft Windows. Which of course includes the necessary driver(s) and the software program itself.