SMEED Special Medical Emergency Evacuation Device

SMEED Special Medical Emergency Evacuation Device

SMEED Special Medical Emergency Evacuation Device Platform for Critical Care

The SMEED Special Medical Emergency Evacuation Device system is rugged, lightweight, inexpensive; compatible with current and future commercial devices, is rapidly customizable to meet individual customer and patient needs and perfect for use as mobile platform in an Ambulance, Emergency Vehicle or anytime you need equipment directly next to a patient-fits on top of a stretch. The SMEED is also approved for in-flight use aboard aircraft.

Impact Instrumentation SMEED

The SMEED (Special Medical Emergency Evacuation Device) Platform is designed to secure commercial, off-the-shelf monitors, infusion pumps, ventilators, and similar equipment to the standard NATO liter. This system fits the most commonly used equipment in commercial use and the U.S. military inventory, and is easily customized to fit other devices.

This Item is Very Good Condition. Listed as A which means it may be NEW OLD STOCK or if it’s Used then it’s only because it has been Opened and Inspected as Required for a Medical Device in which a Medical Device Label is Created and Annually the Label is Updated to satisfy Joint Commission Requirements.

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The device metal framework attaches to evacuation litters and holds individual pieces of medical equipment needed for optimal patient transport. The Special Medical Emergency Evacuation Device (SMEED) stabilizes a variety of medical devices, such as ventilators and oxygen cylinders, replacing the traditional method of attaching such equipment directly to the transported patient.

Lightweight and adjustable, the 14-inch by 22-inch SMEED adapts for use in any Department of Defense medical vehicle. The critical care platform was specifically created to lessen the discomfort of burn victims during medical transport. Enthusiastic responses from those testing the SMEED prototype were convinced that the creation had greater lifesaving potential through technology transfer.

The Army physical therapist refined his design through several prototypes, while searching for development funding that ultimately came from the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Development Activity. The Army subsequently patented the device and in 2002 awarded a Small Business Innovation Research contract and exclusive license agreement to Impact Instrumentation, Inc. of New Jersey.

Technical Data:

SMEED Special Medical Emergency Evacuation Device

Composition Aluminum and stainless steel parts
Color Black anodized or powder-coat painted flat black
Weight (empty, approximate) 9 Kgs (20 lbs.)
Dimensions (approximate) 35.5 cm Long x 56 cm Wide x 12.85cm to 25.55 cm adjustable Height. The height is adjustable to 3 different levels above the patient with height measured at the top of the litter pole to the inside of the top plate: 12.85 cm – Middle: 19.2 cm – Fully extended: 25.55cm
Note Overall height of the SMEED Platform in its fully extended position with full equipment load does not exceed a height of 54 cm. measurements are obtained from the top of the litter pole to the top edge of a Propaq Monitor.

Impact SMEEDWhen not in use, the SMEED Special Medical Emergency Evacuation Device folds into a briefcase-like package. Made by Impact Instrumentation, the SMEED Accommodates any reasonable medical equipment load and also folds to a briefcase-like package.