Gomco Thoracic Drainage Aspirator

Gomco 6053

Gomco Thoracic Drainage Aspirator Model 6053

Gomco Thoracic Drainage Aspirator

Gomco Suction Equipment – Speciality Aspirator – Mobile Thoracic Drainage Aspirator

Provides regulation of suction drainage from 0 to 50 cm of water for rapid removal of fluids and gas from the pleural cavity. This pump offers high flow rates and a dual 2800 ml glass collection bottle system with two calibrated water seal tubes and two drainage tubes. A cap is provided when only one drainage tube is required. This unit is UL listed and CSA Certified.

RESTOCK DATE  [04/10/2016]


  • Sound Level:                        Less than 64 dBA
  • Pump Type:                          Turbine
  • Electrical Cord:                    6′ hospital grade
  • Dimensions:                         18″ W x 17″ D x 33″ H (46 x 43 x 84 cm)
  • Weight:                                  71 lbs. (32 kg)
  • UL/ETL Listed:                    Yes
  • Warranty:                              1 year
  • Regulatory Approvals:        FDA, HC
  • Dimensions H x D x W:      33x17x18 in / 84x43x46 cm
  • Shipping Weight:                 75 lb. / 34 Kg.

Key Features

  • Used in emergency situations where vacuum must be quickly restored to the pleural cavity
  • Two drainage tubes allow for fluids and air to be removed simultaneously
  • Water seal in the collection bottle prevents aspirated air from reentering the chest
  • Easy-to-store and transport compact design with a flat stainless steel top
  • Convenient storage for 6′ electrical cord with hospital-grade plug


  • Gomco Thoracic Drainage Aspirator Model 6053 (Same as Model 6050; 6053 is Specifically made for US Government)
  • Two Glass Collection Bottles
  • Disposable Suction Tubing
  • Plus One Kit which includes Additional Collection Bottle, Shut Off Cap, and Night Light (See Below) *

* One Collection Bottle Kit. Includes the following:        

01 3966 Night Light
01 3105 Gallon Bottle
02 3099 Shut Off Cap

The Gomco 6050 is a high performance mobile aspirator specialized for emergency thoracic drainage in hospitals. It generates up to -50 cm H2O of vacuum pressure with a 110 lpm flow rate at open flow. Used in emergency situations where vacuum must be quickly restored to the pleural cavity.